jenna ushkowitz
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jennaushkowitz @doctorinsole make my feet dance with glee! thank you for my insoles! #happyfeet

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jennaushkowitz: Bear and I would thank @evangerspetfood for his yummy food! #growingpup #evangers

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frenchie_bear Hi my name is bear and I’m a blue frenchie. Im 3 months old and growing fast.

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frenchie_bear Goodnight my new followers! ❤️

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Check out a few photos from my Online Mag shoot for @regardmag with the amazing photographer @dimitryl #regardingjenna
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Anonymous: "May I ask how you were able to get the pictures off of that website for Regard Magazine?"

i took a screenshot of them on the website and then edited out the page lines/text on photoshop. someone else has also uploaded them un-edited here and here.

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jennaushkowitz: Oh just running errands.

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